Construction Litigation

Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP has significant experience handling construction contract litigation in New Jersey and New York. We also have considerable expertise in defending personal injury claims brought against public and private construction companies and professionals.

Asserting Our Clients' Rights in Construction Litigation

Our attorneys represent both public and private clients, including construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, developers, engineers, architects, manufacturers, and suppliers, in all aspects of construction contract litigation, including:

  • Defective and/or negligent design
  • Defective and/or negligent construction
  • Contract performance
  • Delay on projects
  • Contract termination issues
  • Payment and lien claims
  • Defective products/materials supplied to construction projects
  • Professional errors and omissions (E&O)
  • Violations of statutory obligations

Construction litigation often involves claims of negligence, which assert that mistakes or oversights in the design or building process caused serious issues regarding structural integrity or environmental concerns. Such claims may be based on alleged mold problems, water intrusion, foundation failure, roof collapse, and almost any other issue that could be linked to a design or construction defect. Construction litigation may also arise from contractual disputes, which may be caused by inadequate or ambiguous contract terms or involve the scope of work to be completed or deadlines for work or receiving payment.

Our attorneys possess an in depth understanding of the construction industry and the issues that may arise over the course of completing a project, and even after the construction phase is long past. This knowledge coupled with our legal skill and experience enables us to handle construction litigation in a manner that achieves optimal results for our client, no matter the number of parties involved or the complexity of the matters at hand.

Pursuing Indemnity & Insurance in Personal Injury Cases

Our firm has successfully defended construction companies and construction professionals against personal injury claims. In many cases, our experience handling insurance coverage matters allows us to effectively pursue claims for indemnity and insurance on behalf of our clients. We will thoroughly analyze a client's insurance policy, determine the full extent of coverage, and seek maximum benefits and compensation available from the insurer.

Seek the Support & Resources of an Experienced Construction Litigation Firm

At Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP, we have the experience and resources to effectively handle all aspects of construction contract litigation, while providing the personal attention and cost-effectiveness of a small firm. If you or your company faces construction litigation and needs strong defense representation, please contact our offices to schedule a consultation.