Healthcare Revenue Recovery

Every year, millions of dollars are written off on injury accounts that are in fact, collectible. For instance, 10-15% of inpatient claims arising from motor vehicle accidents or work-related injuries are wrongfully deniedstalled, or underpaid.

Our Healthcare Revenue Recovery Practice consists primarily of helping hospitals resolve high-balance injury accounts involving complex legal and contractual issues. Our attorneys leverage years of experience—both disputing and defending insurance claims—to help assure maximum revenue recovery in a minimum amount of time.

We offer several accounts receivable management programs customized to meet each hospital’s specific needs.

Problem Accounts Program

Our problem accounts program focuses mainly on injury claims that have been delayed (typically not paid within 90 days from discharge), denied, or underpaid. This program is designed to resolve a hospital's most difficult high-balance accounts through tailored case-specific analyses that challenge denials and underpayments. When warranted, our experienced teams can effectively pursue litigation of these claims.

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Early-Intervention Program

Our early intervention program allows hospitals to place large injury-related accounts from a particular financial or payer class, including Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers’ Compensation accounts, immediately after billing or patient discharge. This program is designed to reduce administrative burdens, accelerate cash recovery, and maximize reimbursement from each and every account.

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Customized Projects

We handle a variety of one-off initiatives to respond to immediate and particular hospital needs. These special projects can range from resolving a backlog of accounts or combining multiple claims with similar insurance patterns, to interpreting and enforcing the terms of a specific contract.

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