Insurance Defense & Coverage

Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP represents insurers and self-insured corporations in all forms of tort litigation. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York, and have extensive experience handling insurance litigation and appeals in both jurisdictions.

Experienced Defense Counsel for Insurers & Self-Insured Corporations

The attorneys at Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP provide knowledgeable, responsive legal counsel to insurance companies and self-insureds with the goal of achieving optimal results, as well as lasting benefits, for our clients. Our areas of defense expertise include:

  • Automobile and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Insurance fraud
  • Professional errors and omissions (E&O)
  • Officers and directors' liability
  • Product liability
  • Toxic torts
  • Environmental claims

With 40 plus years in practice, our attorneys possess a thorough understanding of insurance regulations and industry practices, as well as the advocacy skills and network of professional resources to effectively defend claims brought against insurers. Not only do we help our clients minimize or eliminate payout amounts, we work to reduce expenses by providing efficient and cost-effective representation.

Insurance Coverage Analysis & Coverage Disputes

Our firm also has extensive experience handling complex first and third party insurance coverage matters, such as:

  • Breach of insurance contract claims
  • Claims of refusal to pay on a policy
  • Obligations to provide maintenance and cure benefits
  • Claims involving indemnity insurance coverage
  • Wrongful policy termination claims

When faced with a difficult question of policy interpretation, clients rely on us to evaluate complicated coverage issues and accurately determine the extent of policyholder coverage with regard to particular claims. Coverage issues can be critical to the resolution of a claim, and we understand that it serves our clients' interests to make coverage decisions as soon as possible after a claim is filed. Fully aware of our clients' needs, we always work to facilitate and expedite the claims process, saving our clients time and money.

If our client denies coverage on a policyholder's claim or decides to defend an insured against a third party claim, we provide representation in coverage disputes, bringing our procedural and strategic knowledge to bear on our client's behalf.

Seek Knowledgeable, Skilled Representation

From conducting thorough coverage analysis to providing strong representation in trial and appeals, our attorneys have the experience and resources to handle all phases of insurance defense litigation. To learn how we can assist you or your organization with an insurance matter, please contact Bubb, Grogan & Cocca, LLP to schedule an attorney consultation.